This open document (to be flexibly expanded) does not offer the step-by-step staircase processes leading to accomplishing a mission, but simply lists some useful or useless ideas for what such missions might look like.

Mission Idea Catalogue

Backed-up by reports and forecast studies from stakeholders such the OECD, the World Bank and UNESCO, the European Commission now clearly states that we need to basically re-think education, and that this calls for no less than a cultural revolution in educational policy and practice.

Life change guidance

Inspired by one of our partners this small paper wish to present a very small and simple example of a capacity building and taking action case – totally fictional, of course.

House of Change

Gamification for hard-to-reach adults: New horizons for re-engaging and re-mobilizing hard-to-reach adults in long-term unemployment situations through the powerful inclusion potentials of gamification

Gamification H2R adults

This is why we here take some first steps to capture the very important differences between digital educational games and gamified learning. This should at the same time offer useful insight as to the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches.

Digital Edu Games vs Gamified Learning

Break Out OBAMA model. The basic idea is to break out of the dead-end situations of long-term unemployed – through working with and working the community, and through building capacity to do so along the process: the community is the classroom.

Break Out OBAMA model

The specific role of the short-paper Lessons learned from directing life change in adult education is to summarize in clear and useful form lessons learned from directing life change for mature adults in broken life situations in the UK, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Israel and Italy from 2012-14.

21st century learning and gamification

A naïve and childish example for inspiration Hundreds of similar examples are possible… in the fields of social innovation, tourism, business, sport – you name it…! This story is retrospective: it is told after the mission was completed

The BOYS ONLY story