Why gamification for empowerment and capacity building for the long-term unemployed?
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The paper basically offers guidance for institutions working with hard-to-reach adults to innovate their empowerment or traditional approaches by exploiting the great potentials of gamification The guidance is not presented in the form of a long methodological paper, but in the form of gamified scenarios

Gamification for overcoming dead-end situations

In this 15 minutes video project partner Oscar Garcia from Cookie Box Barcelona offers an introduction to what gamification is and what the key principles are

What is gamification?

This document presents and discusses the challenges connected to gamification mechanics going beyond the controlled situation of gamification for changed mentality in groups or teams, thereby taking gamification mechanics to real-life community taking action to follow-up the mentality change

What is social gamification?

This fictive scenario offers inspiration on how to step-by-step build capacity among long-term unemployed to change their situation and take entrepreneurial action The scenario was used to inspire adult education professionals in the Gamification project

The House of Change

This small and slightly provocative paper was produced to explain that gamification can be linked to the very basic structures in 21st century life, thereby offering a deeper understanding of the potentials of gamification for mentality and life change

The gamification of life

The short paper is created to explain in a very straightforward way what we see as the core ideas in entrepreneurial capacity building and gamification for long-term unemployed

The Juice

A small Mario-game inspired paper explaining what gamification in the community might mean – described in a different way than in the long methodological papers…

Social Mario

A narrative based on the initiatives in the Corviale community in Roma, describing in detail how gamification can take place in communities and through the very important step-by-step game level approach – known from the classic digital games


The paper addresses the paramount challenge: how are gamification and innovation put to work in difficult social and economic contexts, such as in Bistrita Romania and similar communities?

Mission impossible