Gamification & Empowerment

Gamification can add new dimensions and qualities to the empowerment of adults in difficult economic and social situations, for example caused by long-term unemployment.

Such gamification can take on many forms and develop in many directions, as gamification is an open and ever changing dynamics. However, let us present some key elements in gamification and how it can add value to empowerment, drawn from powerful gameplay principles in digital games.


Dead-end or point zero situations are interpreted as serious real-life games, such as employment, community and success, also building on the philosophy that life is in fact basically a game that has been de-gamified in modern life

Work tasks are reformulated as real-life missions with real impact and consequences

The step-by-step changes in mentality and behaviour are re-interpreted and organized as levels including limited challenges addressed through experimentation and trial and error.

Mistakes and failures are appreciated as risk-taking and lessons learned

The players are met by instant feed-back and direct response

Problems are re-interpreted as challenges to overcome, including through teaming up with allies and defeating hostile elements

Challenges are organized as a number of limited steps, and each accomplishment is celebrated

The players experience immersive engagement, as all tasks and mission are real-life missions with real impact on the players

Complicated or massive obstacles are met by dedicated and skilled efforts, sometimes needing several attempts and support

Challenges at different levels are addressed through different forms of teaming up with community players, often in the form of building up needed alliances step by step

Any action is aiming to overcome obstacles and bring about change, linked to the dramatic truth of authentic gamification:

You win or lose in real-life and in real-time

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