Gamification Guidance Services


“The project’s gamification approach is strongly linked to entrepreneurial mentality, and in practice this invites the project and its participants, organisations and well as individuals, as much as possible to exploit the project to take action and change unsustainable situations.
Therefore the project will identify and dialogue with adult educators and hard to-reach adults working in the project showing a great interest in the project and its mission and ideas, and invite them to form a transnational team taking the project’s results further and create different forms of initiatives and economies from them. Such resources would be able to offer excellent gamification guidance based on personal and practical experience, most useful to adult education across Europe.”


The transnational team of trainers will provide this service in the project’s website, in a special section accessible from the opening page.


The members of the transnational team of gamification providers can offer:

  • gamification services to unemployed adults at local level (adult education, labour market services, community)
  • gamification services to unemployed adults at national or European levels through social networking and European networks, including mixed on location/virtual models (adult education, labour market services, community)
  • gamification services  to European initiatives and projects (for example to educational projects and social fund projects)
  • gamification inspiration at different levels through workshops, interactive sessions, etc., including to private organisations
  • gamification services, not only to unemployed adults, but also to different stakeholders, for company employees, young people or people in difficult situations




Our local intentions and plans regarding offering gamification guidance in a powerful way in our own communities are the following:


Ankara, Turkey:

We can share our experience and transfer our knowledge to other staff working with unemployed people in our public institution. We can provide them to enter in the “gamification world” to understand this method and to use game tools very well.

We can create a social network on which volunteer people as a gamificator and long-term unemployed people come together and our voluntary gamificators can help these unemployed people by using the gamification method.


Bistrita, Romania:

-Keeping The Socialization Centre self sustainable (The City Hall will provide the space needed to conduct our activities ,the members will meet weekly and continue with their activities, covering the monthly costs  through selling hand-made products)

-Motivation for self -improvement of the unemployed

-Using gamification techniques when working with other groups of disadvantaged people: persons with disabilities, young people with behavioural disorders

-Offering gamification services in the process of forming foster parents, in various workshops, in other training courses on different subjects

-Transforming the Game Break (Social Enterprise) in a small business incubator, giving the opportunity to small craftsman and gifted people to start their own business.

-Dissemination of project results through meetings with community representatives and the proposal to make information campaigns related to these innovative methods.


Craiova, Romania:

ASSE will transfer the abilities that were acquired by its trainers in this project to the adult groups who we offer the training sessions in other domains to.

Trainers of ASSE will continue the implementation of gamification for H2R through gathering all the project games that we will offer as counselling to other people in need.


Helsinki, Finland:

HY+ University of Helsinki, Centre for Continuing Education will keep gamification strongly in their educational activities and exploit the experience of Gamification – playing for real activities.

HY+ University of Helsinki, Centre for Continuing Education will disseminate the gamification activities and playing for real in business community -structure in future training with unemployed people.


Rome, Italy:

1) Fondazione Risorsa Donna is undertaking another gamification experience with a group of underemployed or unemployed professionals, ATDAL over 40 and hopes that this will lead to further activity with the gamification concept with this group.

2) Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Viterbo, an ex-banking foundation, has requested that Fondazione Risorsa Donna organise 5 gamification sessions with the long-term unemployed  in the Province of Viterbo between July 2016 and December 2018. This is a remunerated activity.


Sabadell, Spain:

Our experience is totally transferrable to other organizations.

Our facilitators have entered in the “gamification world” and understood very well the value of working with game tools.

Some of them have begun studies about gamification and will transfer the knowhow to their daily work with unemployed people.

“We have planted the seeds and now the trees are growing”

Our idea would be to explore more on gameplays and to create a net of voluntary people that using gameplays help other H2R people in their daily work of searching for work.

We must also continue with our story telling of the character we have created with our chair and legs that support her.


Pau, France:

Pistes-Solidaires has launched a second session with this game, in another town of the area, with the collaboration of another local community association. The target group is the same as the one for this project: long-term unemployed over 40 years old. The area is mainly rural, with a small town, gaz-economy oriented.

Then, Pistes-Solidaires is in contact with another organization working at the local level, the PLIE – Plan Local pour l’Insertion et l’Emploi (Local plan for inclusion and job) who is deeply interested in the Gamification approach and has asked Pistes-Solidaires to include some sessions within its activities to its beneficiaries. The PLIE is a national public plan and network in the country. It facilitates the social inclusion of the long-term unemployed, adults, including their professional integration. Pistes-Solidaires will work more specifically on this topic by providing various sessions using gamification.

Finally, Pistes-Solidaires is working on a draft to be proposed to the local public job agency for young people, the Mission Locale. This structure is specifically dedicated to the support of young people between 18 and 30 years old, NEET – not in employment, education or training. Pistes-Solidaires is in contact with various “Missions Locales” in the area with whom Pistes-Solidaires has been working for the past few years and will propose its collaboration in this domain.

Recently, Pistes-Solidaires has been implementing some sessions for NEETs using this approach of Gamification within one Mission Locale. On the seven NEETs participating in the four sessions, three have been taking positive and progressive steps towards a remobilisation of their competences: one participant is for example taking part in an association of exchange of services, when another one is willing to take part in a European Voluntary Service, supported by the team of Pistes-Solidaires.






Ankara, Turkey:

Anafartalar caddesi no:70 Ulus Altındağ ANKARA/TÜRKİYE*
Name of the person: İkbal KARAMAN

email: <>**telephone: 00 90 3124186662*


Bistrita, Romania:

Fantom Association

Bistrita, Toamnei street, no. 8, Romania

Contact person: Alisa Anca


telephone: 0040748320036


Craiova, Romania:

Asociația de Studii Socio-Economice
Calea Unirii nr. 1, post code 200404, Craiova, Dolj, Romania
Name of the contact person: Alina Rotariu
telephone: 004 0740 009449


Helsinki, Finland:

University of Helsinki

Centre for Continuing Education, HY+

P.O. Box 53, Fabianinkatu 32


name of the contact person: Tiina Savola


telephone: +358 50 339 2370


Rome, Italy:

Fondazione Risorsa Donna
Via Albenga 33
00183 ROME (ITALY)
Name of the contact person: Maria Claudia Costantini
telephone: 00 39 06 57289655


Sabadell, Spain:

Avda. Francesc Macià 35
08202 Sabadell (SPAIN)
Name of the person: Ester Raventós Canet
telephone: 00 34 937451260



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