Gamification Guidance Services


"The project’s gamification approach is strongly linked to entrepreneurial mentality, and in practice this invites the project and its participants, organisations and well as individuals, as much as possible to exploit the project to take action and change unsustainable situations.
Therefore the project will identify and dialogue with adult educators and hard to-reach adults working in the project showing a great interest in the project and its mission and ideas, and invite them to form a transnational team taking the project’s results further and create different forms of initiatives and economies from them. Such resources would be able to offer excellent gamification guidance based on personal and practical experience, most useful to adult education across Europe."

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How did the gamification activities work in practice?

After having engaged in-depths in gamification activities for long-term unemployed the Roma team decided to reflect on lessons learned – and you can read the summary in this paper.

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Lessons learned from 5 days of gamification inspiration and training in Barcelona 2015

5 days of gamification experimentation in Sabadell Barcelona (hosted by the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce) produced a wide range of experiences, inspiration and learning.

In this paper the participating adult education trainers and unemployed offer small but important comments about the 5 days’ gameplay.

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Gamification Mechanics at Work

In this paper – produced in connection with the 5 days of gameplay in Barcelona 2015 – you will find guidance on how to create and manage gameplay sessions, and you will find detailed descriptions on gameplay taking depressed mentality among unemployed from icebreaking to open community oriented taking action interest.

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Gamification in a small Romanian community

Promoting and practicing new and innovative ways for long-term unemployed is not always an easy mission, and it can be particularly difficult in small communities with rather close and locked mentalities

This is why this Power Point is interesting for adult education professionals working in such communities.

The Power Point tells the authentic story of a Romanian community struggling to create a positive environment for promoting new perspectives for long-term unemployed, including innovative gamification approaches.

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Gamification -respect and ethics

Using gamification mechanics to change mentality among long-term unemployed is not always unproblematic

Gameplay can go deep and challenge people not always comfortable with such activities

In this paper project partner and experienced gamificator Oscar Garcia from Cookie Box in Barcelona offers good advice and guidance on how to avoid negative use of gamification

Oscar Garcia is available for further knowledge in the field of gamification and ethics.

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Mission ideas catalogue

Innovative approaches for long-term unemployed such as gamification and taking action in the community work with missions

Missions for changing the reality and the dead-end situations of many long-term unemployed should be created through interplay between the unemployeds’ interests and talents on one hand and community needs on the other

However, this paper offers a number of possible missions to inspire adult educators and long-term unemployed

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Unemployed taking community action – the poster

This A3 poster illustrates in few words the steps we must follow to take action in the community with long-term unemployed – but also the typical pitfalls in such engagements

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Capacity building for taking change action

This Power Point used in connection with gamification for long-term unemployed illustrates the powerful capacity build model for taking real-life change steps to change dead-end situation

The Power Point illustrates each capacity building step and the progression between the steps.

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Why not develop an original game for long-term unemployed?

A small spin-off idea from the Gamification project about the possibility of creating original serious games for long-term unemployed

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