The Project


A project like this cannot accept to produce traditional instructional material.

The project will empower the participating adult teams’ to document their positive and negative experience at the end of each phase and with extensive use of the visual expression forms, including also whatever artistic skills they may possess.

At the end of the project a team of adults will work with the project’s media resources to create the final visual documentation, primarily targeting adult educators and mentors across Europe.


The KEY PRODUCTS (flagship outcomes) of the project are:

  1. Open virtual platform:
    The open platform will be established after 6 months, offering a wide European audience access to all products and process material, and offering dialogue opportunities with the partners and players.
  2. Gamification for overcoming dead-end life and work situations
    Inspiration scenarios for adult educators and mentors, co-created by the participating adults, and including in the open virtual platform as a key resource
  3. Gamification and serious gaming for inclusion and empowerment of adults in dead-end situations
    Knowledge paper generated from the project practice and capturing the most important emerging knowledge on gamification for inclusion and empowerment targeting a broad European audience of professionals in adult education and gamification
  4. 10 hand-outs on the most powerful elements in gamification of dead-end situations – win and lose with gamification for adults in difficult life situations – lessons learned through immersive practice. One page hand-outs (print and PDF) for large-scale dissemination, addressing key topics in gamification for hard-to-reach adults and based on the concrete project experience; the role of the hand-outs is to be appetizers for further interest in the open virtual platform
  5. H2Rgame open business opportunity
    During the second year of the project it will be discussed, if a group of participating unemployed adults would like to create a business opportunity in the field of guiding adult educations towards the use of gamification, and if so, this outcome will be a business plan for this initiative, and it will be one of the first examples in European collaboration of participants creating economies directly from a European project
  6. H2R gaming towards deeper knowledge and new open opportunities
    A knowledge paper aiming to design a higher level research and innovation project from 2016 or 2017, based on the practical lessons learned in the project and following up the Commission policy and funding of gamification for inclusion and empowerment
  7. Policy paper: The inclusion potential of gamification in connection with hard-to-reach adults
    A policy paper offering lessons learned and recommendations for policy and funding programming, based on the results of the project



The impacts on the participating hard-to-reach adults are, in terms of changed mentality and behaviour, expected to be:

  • Dead-end or point zero situations are interpreted as serious real-life games, such as employment, community and success, also building on the philosophy that life is in fact basically a game that has been de-gamified in modern life
  • Work tasks are reformulated as real-life missions with real impact and consequences
  • -The step-by-step changes in mentality and behaviour are re-interpreted and organized as levels including limited challenges addressed through experimentation and trial and error
  • Mistakes and failures are appreciated as risk-taking and lessons learned
  • The players are met by instant feed-back and response
  • Problems are re-interpreted as challenges to overcome, including through teaming up with allies and defeating hostile elements
  • Challenges are organized as a number of limited steps, and each accomplishment will be celebrated
  • The players experience immersive engagement, as all tasks and mission are real-life missions with real impact on the players
  • Complicated or massive obstacles are met by dedicated and skilled efforts, sometimes needing several attempts
  • Challenges at different levels are addressed through different forms of teaming up with community players, often in the form of building up the needed alliance step by step
  • Any action is aiming to overcome obstacles and bring about change, linked to the dramatic truth of authentic gaming: you will win or lose in real-life and in real-time