The Key Drivers

No matter how we see the project, the people linking the project to the groups of adults in practice will always be the most important people in the project: the trainers, the coaches, the gamificators, or whatever we chose to call them.

They are the people working with the adults and they are the people in need of heavy learning along the project.

It is of great importance that the project establishes and supports a strong culture of collaboration between the trainers in the different countries. This will be one of the key challenges in the first phases of the project.

At the same time partners should prepare to be very supportive to these trainers, as they will need to address challenges that will be new to most of them.

The trainers in the project need to build capacity and the partners need to help them.

Trainers should not be selected according to their academic merits, but according to what they can actually do in the project.

In fact the project is not focused on the formal educational background of the trainers.

What should be the profile of these trainers?

Some key criteria could be:

  • Experience in working with (long-term) unemployed adults
  • Experience in working with difficult social situations
  • Open to new ways of working with H2R adults
  • Interested in and able to create community collaboration and resources
  • Willing to take risks and initiative
  • Interested in working in a European environment with considerable future opportunities, professionally and personally

    Those key drivers should be involved in as many project activities as possible, as they will need all the inspiration and support they can get.