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University of Chester

The University will provide its expertise in adult learning through reflective, flexible learning approaches, its facilities and resources, and access to networks and experience drawn from its international project work.

With a dedicated European office with professional financial and administrative professionals, all matters will be handled with the level of expertise in all areas required by this project.

As a knowledge partner in the project we will be responsible for the capturing and documentation of the project practice and for the elaboration of the documentation into the planned outcomes.

We will work closely with the team of knowledge partners in the project, in particular in connection with the project’s research and policy output.

[As a possible practice partner our role in the project is to plan, carry out and produce raw material from the project experimentation. In addition we will be the driver of the considerable community interaction along the project]





Coventry University

COVUNI has associated expertise on serious games design, development, gamification mechanisms and technology.

COVUNI is also instantiating pedagogical models and processes with special focus on the flipped classroom model within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL).

On these grounds, SGI and DMLL have a major role in investigating gamified learning activities in higher education as well as on pedagogical design, leading the process of gamifying learning scenarios.

COVUNI will implement the outputs of the project in UK and will also have a major role in evaluating and assessing the methodologies, services and training content of the project, as well as a major role in content creation, tools adaptation/development and overall technical support.

COVUNI will also support the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s output during and beyond the project life. We will collaborate with the Spanish gamification partner, Cookie Box, to provide creative gamification input and resources to the project.




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