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More than 5 years of sustained experience in the design and implementation of Transmedia Storytelled Experiences that benefit from the Gamification field.

Everything designed for real clients with powerful behavioral and motivational needs for their employees (Internal Gamification). As a special creative partner the organisation will offer inspiration, guidance and valuable input to the project practice and exploit its creative expertise to help practice partners establish the innovate and productive work processes along the project and help knowledge partners generate the expected knowledge from this practice.




coc sabadell


Chamber of Commerce Sabadell

The most valuables competences the CCS can offer to this project are the followings: – Experience in adult training – Experience in entrepreneur courses – Strong implementation in our zone of influence – Good and strong relations with the city councils of our zone that worked with the target group

The CCS will be able to reach the target group through the local entities (city councils) which are working with the target group (unemployed people +40) We have also knowledge and expertise in mentoring and advise people under 40 who want and need to start a new project.

As a special entrepreneurial partner the organisation will offer entrepreneurial inspiration, guidance and expertise to the project’s knowledge and practice partners, and be a driver of the establishment and maintenance of the emerging eco-systems of community collaboration.





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