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Fondazione Risorsa Donna

FRD provides activities to the women. In particular, through the branches actives on the field and through the network. FRD maintain a continuous contact with the microcredit beneficiaries and with the women that want start up a business and with the participant at the training activities.

Near the microcredit project, the activities of FRD are concerning projects devoted to the immigrant, young and adult women and men, that have difficult to participate at the world of work.

Italian laboratories, informatic alphabetization, microbusiness laboratory are designed to reach this complex target and involve in the research of a new future.

As a knowledge partner in the project we will be responsible for the capturing and documentation of the project practice and for the elaboration of the documentation into the planned outcomes. We will work closely with the team of knowledge partners in the project, in particular in connection with the project’s research and policy output. We will also, based on our considerable expertise and resources, offer substantial support to the project coordinator.

As a practice partner our primary role in the project is to plan, carry out and produce raw material from the project experimentation.

In addition we will be the driver of the considerable community interaction along the project. Our organisation will work closely with the knowledge partners to provide useful and relevant raw material for documentation and elaboration into the project’s results. We are responsible for the organisation and implementation of local and transnational workshops in our country.





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