Who We Are

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The direct players in the project game are therefore:

  • Project partners as facilitators, framemakers and enablers
  • Partners’ gamification facilitators
  • Two different teams of hard-to-reach-adults in each practice partner community, taking into account the distribution of men and women
  • Gamification experts at transnational level feeding the project’s gamification engine


The indirect players might for example be:

  • Various community players and organisations, depending on the nature of the missions
  • Special support alliances for example in the fields of media or networking
  • European consultancy players offering on-request-guidance (listed in the application)
  • How to reach the hard-to-reach?
  • All practice partners are able to establish lasting and in-depths work alliances with groups of hard-to-reach-adults, as this was the key criteria in the partnering.


Each adult team is expected to count max 5-10 adults.

Hard-to-reach-adults will be interpreted as:

  • Adults normally not engaged in learning, training or community activities
  • Adults suffering from long-term unemployment or similar life or work dead-end
  • Adults 30 +
  • An intentional distribution of men and women needed
  • Adults participating must be able to participate; adults suffering from severe alcoholism, abuse of drugs or heavy medication cannot participate