Why capacity building for long-term unemployed?

This material offers insight into, guidance to and inspiration for the capacity building model developed in and tested by the project in many and very different European countries.

We call the model Capacity building of long-term unemployed to take community action.

The material consists of methodological papers, illustrations, more in-depths description and descriptions from different perspectives.

The two subsequent sections offer more practical and case oriented material.

Why do they need capacity building?

This paper explains the background to and rationale of the Break Down or Break Out project, including how the project’s capacity building approaches go beyond traditional adult education and traditional empowerment.

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The breaking out through community action Guide

The Guide offers papers, videos and interviews describing the basic approaches of the capacity building model developed along the project.

The material has been selected to serve as practical inspiration to adult education and training professionals and institutions, in formal as well as in non-formal contexts.

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This is how we are breaking out - The Video

The 30 minutes video tells the story about the project progression, the experiences produced along the way and the many lessons learned.

It includes video interviews with participants and reflections from key project players.

The video aims to describe the project, its approaches and results in a different way than the collections of documents.

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The Break Out virtual guidance Service

Participants in the Break Down or Break Out project has decided to offer colleagues across Europe virtual guidance on how to approach, be inspired by and use the resources produced along the project.

The virtual guidance can take place at different levels and take on different forms – all of which is described in this material.

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Mission Idea Catalogue

[embeddoc url="http://play.riversideinnovationcentre.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Mission-Idea-Catalogue.pdf" download="all"]

This open document (to be flexibly expanded) does not offer the step-by-step staircase processes leading to accomplishing a mission, but simply lists some useful or useless ideas for what such missions might look like.

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